Big Bait Records # Urban Electronics
est. 2008


Detroit Meets Karlsruhe For The Beginning Of 2014!
BigBait 016 presents no other than legendary Detroit-based producer Rick Wade (Harmonie Park, Laid...) with two brilliant cuts telling beautiful stories from timeless dancefloors with his trademark, drums-laden sound full of extravagant sample-handling and timeless rhythm-combinations. Labelhead and deephouse-don Peter Clamat jumps into the place this time with a standout remix of the title track on the one hand and the long awaited vinyl debut of his slowburner "Zheo Parrish Als Tränen Aus Ihren Augen", giving this EP a special touch and surely a lot of rinse in those dusty cabinets of dirty latenight dancing! Like prevoius bigbait EPs, this black gem is once again handsomely boxed by our in-house visual-arts-mastermind Marek Slipek!
OUT NOW - GET IT HERE - Decks - Juno
Distributed by Diamonds and Pearls

Big bait 016
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